Daniel Santos

Week 06, 2024

I went to work at the office this week, and wrote about it versus working from home. I don’t want to convince you about what is right or not, too polemic a subject… it was just something I felt like writing about.

Also, I was invited to mentor two of our team’s new interns with a project they were assigned on digital transformation. As this is a tough subject for some to understand in the corporate scene, and they were tasked with creating a transformation scale with which to assess some of our internal departments to determine how near or far they are from transformed, I felt honored to be asked for help. It will be great to put my expertise in process improvement and change management to their service, and, of course, learn along with them.

Finally, I received a LinkedIn endorsement this week which made me very happy. It came from a very special person, one who became a friend and a mentor, and it was so… unexpected. I know people appreciate such things differently, but it caught me by surprise and made my week more special, so I’m very grateful for that.

Went swimming again. Only once, on Tuesday. Although less than I wanted, I’m grateful for having been able to exercise again. Working on it, will focus to go more than once next week.

I’m learning to tame ikiwiki. It is a wiki compiler, meaning it is able to convert wiki pages into HTML pages, suitable for publishing on a website.

More than that, it’s the perfect combination of a wiki and a blog, exactly the reason I chose it to replace WriteFreely as the software behind my main site.

On the one hand, it’ll mean more importing of posts and tidying up, but on the other hand, I’m pretty happy to fiddle with the site and build my vision of what a perfect brain dump would be. I love the freedom a wiki tool as powerful and simple as this can bring me. So much so that, when the time comes, I’m confident I’ll be capable of leaving Micro.blog and a couple of other tools behind, to finally have everything about my online presence centered at the same place.

We have finished the two available From seasons. The show is pretty good, and it makes me happy to see a storyline so complex and filled with mystery as this is. If you check the internet carefully enough, you’ll see that many people have complained about the plot and will allegedly not return for a third season, but to me this is just humans being humans — some of us don’t like complex plots, and others get tired of waiting for answers that never come. Still, this show reminds me of gems like Lost and Dark, both examples of equally complex plots that turned out pretty well. So, yes, I’ll keep watching it, at least for the season to come.

Proof of my fondness for complex plots is that I’m reading Dune. I have advanced a little slower with my reading this week than I had in the previous ones, but I’m pursuing to reach the end of the second novel soon enough. As far as I’ve gone into the book, though, I’ll admit the plot is not as good as it felt in the first book, but maybe it’s just be being human like the “From” critics. Besides, I’m only 6 chapters in, so a lot is to be developed yet, and I’ll say more in later weeks.

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