Daniel Santos

About me

My name is Daniel Santos. I'm a husband, and father to two very fine children.

I was born and I live in Brazil, where I currently work with digital services strategy for Embraer. I'm a systems analyst with nearly 25 years of experience in several different areas, including aircraft project planning and management, business development, business analysis, lean manufacturing, lean IT and IT Governance. My expertise lies in designing business processes, business cases and using storytelling to link data and business stories.

I consider myself a lifelong learner, and my latest interests are data science, digital platforms and business development, besides note taking, PKM and languages.

I have been around technology (or is it technology that's been around me?) since I was very young, influenced by both my parents who, when I was around 10 or 12 years old, decided to learn how to program a computer. They did so by using a MSX computer, some sort of dBase database flavor and then, already in a PC XTClipper, its compiler. Observing their journey made me feel like learning how to program computers myself: I was attracted to the idea of being able to create my own solutions to problems. Thus, I graduated both technically and in college, in technology related careers. Although with time my career took a spin and I wound up doing other jobs besides programming, I dived into information technology and information systems long enough to retain the curiosity which ever revolves around technology, subject that remains one of my favorites.

A couple of years ago, I decided to limit my online presence, particularly on mainstream social media platforms. Instead, I've chosen to focus my attention on this site --- which has become so many things at the same time for me, such as (but not limited to) my digital garden and commonplace book, and the place where I have decided to concentrate my weeknotes, my notes and any other occasional thoughts and considerations --- and Mastodon, effectively bidding adieu to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the likes of them.

In real life, that is, outside of the web, my biggest hobbies include reading books --- specially science fiction, fantasy and thriller titles ---, watching TV shows and playing video games, especially indie games and genres such as turn-based RPGs, dungeon crawlers, bullet heavens and deck builders (although my most favorite video game job is working as an ETS2 truck driver).

If you read this far, thanks! Maybe you'd be interested in a little flavor of what I've been doing now?